Canon list

This is a list of canons for mod reference. If you don't see a tag for your canon and you think one should exist, please comment here and I'll add it as soon as possible. If the canon you are posting from is very obscure, please use the tag "[canon] obscure."

Thank you!

:: Your Passport ::

All new arrivals are given a device called a Passport. It looks kind of like this. (Seem familiar?) You'll also be provided with a manual explaining how it works, so even the technologically unfamiliar can master its ways. And you'll need to -- the Passport is not only a gadget to help you get along in the city. It represents your entire identity: your access to your bank accounts, your unique ID number, etc.

Accordingly, each Passport is password-locked and requires such a highly secure password you may have trouble remembering it! But it is not unhackable and if lost it should be reported stolen immediately.

The Passport is part phone, and provides all the features of a phone, including placing phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and accessing voice mail. In addition, it uses a touchscreen interface to offer a wide variety of handy apps:

  • A public forum where you can post or comment on posts.
  • A weather application (including miasma forecast).
  • A camera and recorder, and the ability to upload pictures/videos.
  • A map and bus system application.
  • A to-do list, calendar app, alerts, etc.
  • A banking application.
  • Several small game apps (solitaire, Pac-Man, Scrabble, and chess - single or multiplayer).

The Passport is completely connected to your life in Siglen. It is the only identification you will ever need, and it serves as the only access to your finances you'll ever need. Payday's here -- the money will be automatically credited to your account! Want to buy something? The cashier will broadcast a confirmation to your Passport; just click "I agree to these charges!"

So, seriously. If you lose it, you'd better report that, pronto.

But it is, at heart, just a very fancy phone gadget. It has all the functions that your cell phone or iPhone might have. However, bear in mind that it is a phone: there is no imaginary network for you to do an open or accidental "voice post" to. You have to dial someone's number in order to call them; you can only call someone whose phone number you know (or you can randomly dial until you get someone...); you can video call, but it will still only be to the one person you dialed.

Therefore if your character has something to say to "everyone", they need to post to the forum.

Various accessibility features are available to help any character who needs them.